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Our History

The Bermuda Government intended to implement a ban on all two-stroke motorcycles. Seven individuals; Stephen Decosta, Zach Sagurs, Tyrone Chin, James Hallett, Winston Smith, Richard Grant and Paul Martin, determined that Bermuda’s Motorcycling History would be lost if this were allowed to occur. After much media publicity and assistance from various politicians, the ban was imposed on only those two-stroke motorcycles imported into Bermuda after December 2004.

On August 20th 2002, the formation of the Bermuda Classic Bike Club occurred at the Old Elliott School on Vesey St. Devonshire. The evening saw a great many people sign up as members and a committee of Paul Martins (President), Stephen Decosta (Vice President and Activities Coordinator) and Zach Sagurs (Secretary and Treasurer) were dully voted in for the ensuing year. At the Same time, the name of the club newsletter (Classic Tales) was put forth by Mrs. Diana Barker and approved by the membership.

The Bermuda Classic Bike Club was formed to preserve Bermuda’s motorcycling history and provide a voice for their members when addressing legislation or laws that may affect their hobby. The club can be seen at many events throughout the island including, the Harbor Nights that run through the summer on Front Street, Hamilton, the WEDCO organized Annual Motorcycle event, the Agriculture Exhibition, and the clubs own annual display that is held at Ferry Reach. To find out the next events that the club will be showing, check out the events section on the front page of the site.

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